The following is a partial list of services Allied is capable of providing.


Electrical Services:

Electrical Power Distribution

Lighting Design

Fire Alarm Systems

Video/Voice/Data Distribution

Emergency Power Systems

Communication Systems

Security Systems

Closed Circuit Television

Lightning Protection

Building Control Systems

Cost Estimating

Technical Specifications

Equipment Selection

Facility Survey, inspections and project coordination


Heating Ventilation And Air Conditioning Services:

Chilled Water

Condenser Water


Energy Recovery

Heat Pump


Industrial Ventilation

Multi-Zone Air Handling

Noise Control

Split DX

Package AC

Smoke Control and evacuation

Variable Volume Air Handling


100% Outside Air Systems


Plumbing and Piping Systems:

Compressed Air

Domestic Water

Pressure Booster

Fire Hose and Standpipes

Fire Sprinklers

Gasoline and Fuel Oil

Natural and Propane Gas

Oil, Grease and Sand Separators

Process Piping



Medical Gas


Special Systems:

Boiler Plants

Water Distribution Plants

Clean Rooms

Computer Rooms

Hazardous Facilities


Odor and Pollution Control

Printing Facilities

Automotive Dealerships

Vehicle Maintenance Facilities


Construction Phase Services:

Assistance in determining percentage of work complete for disbursements

Review of Test and Balance Data

Shop Drawing Review

Construction Site Visit and observation reports

Technical Assistance for document interpretation


Additional Services:

Energy Audits and recommendations

Equipment and system evaluations

Forensic Engineering

Operating Cost Analysis

Property surveys and reports

Investigations and reports

Lighting Photometric Calculations